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Yoga Āsana

These different styles of yoga will help to improve our Vinyasa style, helping us to understand our inclination towards whatever style is best for us to teach or practice 


The practice of these various styles will help us to broaden our creativity for possible workshops or retreats which may be held in the future.

The main Yoga style will be Vinyasa Yoga 1 (beginner level) and Vinyasa Yoga 2 (intermediate). But during the course we will also experiment with other styles in order to introduce a more creative and conscious approach in our teaching.


Prenatal Yoga will be useful to prevent the unease at having a pregnant woman in the class and not knowing what advice to give her.


Yoga Dance is a very creative approach which will help us to learn to execute elegant sequences during our Vinyasa yoga.


Chakra Yoga is a more therapeutic method which will allow us to use the asana, pranayama, mantras and visualisations for the purposes of internal energetic balance.


Mantra Yoga is a practice which uses the voice and musical instruments to transport us to a remarkable depth and level of consciousness.


Kundalini Yoga teaches us to use a kind of forced and rapid respiration in order to have a faster and stronger effect in our practice.


Hatha Raj Yoga is a gentle and captivating lesson adapted to all ages and individuals. It is a type of lesson which can be proposed for situations in which the level is beginner.


Partner Yoga teaches us an entertaining and pleasant approach to help students to connect among themselves. This practice can be used as a therapy to reinforce relationships of any kind.


These styles of yoga will help us to improve our style of Vinyasa, helping us to understand our inclination towards whatever style is most suited to our nature.

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