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Cintamani Yoga International


Cintamani Yoga's mission is to offer group yoga classes, individual classes, seminars, workshops and Yoga Teacher Training courses to spread and share the ancient knowledge of wellness, creating a welcoming place and a "second home" for all our students.


Our vision is to create a space where people can discover inner potential through yoga, overcoming energetic obstacles to achieve health and happiness.

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Chakra Retreat

Mumbai, India



Chakra Yoga Teacher training

Mumbai, India



"This retreat was a profound transformative experience. Jahnava gently and lovingly guided us on a path of knowing and accepting our shadow sides, discovering and empowering all our potentials, to be able to bring our true essence into the world with joy and love. This is only the beginning of the journey, but now I feel I have all the tools to continue this journey. This experience has been a gift, thank you." 


"Wonderful experience! Since taking the course I finally know how to use my voice to its fullest. Singing something sacred brings light and positive vibrations within me and to everything around me. These practices cleanse not only my vocal cords but my whole spirit."


"Through this experience I rekindled my confidence, my emotions, my willpower, my love for myself and others, my creativity, my vision of reality, and my spirituality. The retreat took place with a synergistic group and an extraordinary teacher. She accompanied us on this journey rebalancing us and giving us the tools to be able to do it on our own. I can only be infinitely grateful for it all. Thank you."

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