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Chakra Yoga
Teacher Training

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Govardhan Eco Village in Mumbai.

This is one of the most beautiful spiritual community related to the Bhakti tradition in the whole world.

The place vibrates with intense power and sacredness and thus which place could be best to learn the science of yoga?

At Govardhan Ecovillage you lose yourself into the labyrinths of your innermost self using the time honoured snaps of Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation


Check-in: December 22

Program starts: December 23
Last day of the training: January 1
Check-out: January 2


12 day Teacher Training:

950€ / 57.000 INR

(250€/10.000 INR advance payment to register)


  • Yoga alliance international certificate 

  • 7 day retreat + 3 days specialised training 

  • A powerful activation of Chakra healing that works in few seconds

  • Manual

  • Cintamani Yoga T-shirt

  • Taxi from-to Mumbai airport

Does not include:

  • Full pension a person a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner):
    10€ / 880INR

  • Double room a person a night:
    13€ / 1143INR

  • Single room a person a night:
    26€ / 2286INR

  • Flight tickets

  • Extra expenses, shopping etc.

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