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Chakra Yoga
Teacher Training

100hour Teacher Training 


In this module you will learn to teach Yoga in conjunction with the 7 chakras, a practice that has elements of Hatha, Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga.


All the elements of Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, visualizations and meditations target each specific chakra to rebalance and strengthen them.

From 22nd of December till 2nd of January 2024

Includes 7-day Chakra retreat

Certificate recognized by CSEN for Italy and YACEP (Yoga Alliance refresher course).

This module will take place over 7 intensive days plus 5 days of training and final practice exams.


What we learn:

  • Recognize chakra imbalances and experience different techniques from yoga and shamanism to rebalance them. In addition to learning methods to balance yourself, you will also learn how to do it on others.

  • Using postures (Asanas) to work on each specific chakra.

  • Mantras inherent to the chakras, applying them within the practice for greater effectiveness. Tantric and Vedic mantras.

  • Powerful visualizations and meditations to regain harmony.

  • Kundalini Yoga techniques and transformational experiences to work on inner balance.

  • Lots of meditation techniques to use for possible workshops in the future.

  • During Chakra yoga training you will learn very effective and powerful healing techniques. You will learn how to rebalance yourself, others from near and far in seconds. The effect will also be tested with kinesiology energy tests to make sure the healing is successful.

  • You will do deep ego work so that the mystical practices learned during the training do not become an obstacle to your own inner and spiritual growth.

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First Chakra

  • 8 a.m.-9:15 a.m. Yoga class with massage (especially feet), foot movements, cat, mountain, elephant and Mula Bandha stability postures.

  • Meditation on the seed and the growing plant.

  • Chakra Scanning

  • 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Meditation on the phrase : "I feel stable and trust others"...write and then share.

  • Theory on the first chakra

  • Exercise: I am my feet and we feel the end notice what has arisen and talk about it with a partner.

  • Rebirth: from the position of the fetus, meditation and sharing.

  • 15.00 - 17.00 Meditative walk in the woods barefoot and sharing

  • Optional: doing the seed meditation with the body and sharing

  • 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. Tribal dance with Jambé 

  • Optional: recitation of Bija Mantra Lam and sharing

  • Nidra Yoga

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200€ di acconto

da saldare entro la fine del corso

Second Chakra

  • Guilt.

  • Movement of the pelvis, hips, fast cat, fast doggie and lizard.

  • "He krsna karuna sidhu dina bandhu."

  • Emotional sublimation: think of a difficult and negative situation you have experienced and write down at least 5 things you are grateful for having experienced.

  • Enter Kapotasana (pigeon) posture and stay for 3 min on each side. Visualize the location of the second chakra and recite the Vam mantra continuously, trying to feel the vibration in the abdomen. Repeat on either side.

  • Moving meditation: in Marjariasana (cat) pose meditate on the orange color in the area of the second chakra. Imagine this color glowing brighter and brighter each time you breathe. The orange color expands along the entire spine. Begin to speed up the movement and breath until everything becomes very fast. Begin to slow down and now inhale deeply and exhale all the air completely, holding your breath for a few moments. Relax your neck and inhale very slowly. Relax into the child's position as you visualize the orange color enveloping you entirely in a glowing sphere.

  • I have the right to perceive and feel alive.

  • I deserve pleasure in life.

  • Draw a large vase and fill it with drops of water. Each drop must contain within it a positive emotion that you experienced today. In total you must fill the jar with 6 drops. What are your 6 drops?

  • Free dance: start by lying down on the ground and imagine that you are floating on water and slowly turn into that same water. Now the dance begins. Your fingers begin to flow and so does your whole body, limb by limb. Now let yourself flow completely as you find yourself standing, letting the water dance within you.

  • Sacred Water: There is a bowl with water in the center of the circle. The whole group recites the mantra, "Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya" continuously bringing attention to the water. The eyes close and the intention is brought to the water after it has been poured into one's glass. What do I want to drink? And the second time: what do I want to purify myself from? Group members can say it out loud or say it mentally.

  • The choice: Draw two circles representing two situations where you are undecided. Go to one side first and feel what you perceive, then go to the other side and feel the difference. Which one do you choose?

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200€ di acconto

da saldare entro la fine del corso

Third Chakra

  • Yoga practice: Kapalbhati.

  • Why do you need to control situations and people?

  • Draw an altar into which you place the various elements of the third chakra and make a prayer to rebalance this chakra. Explain what the various elements represent to you.

  • Place your hands on the 3rd chakra and visualize the color yellow. Run in place keeping your knees high and be careful not to rest your heels on the ground. After 60 seconds breathe deeply while lifting your arms upward, arching your back and relaxing it downward with your belly resting on your thighs. The knees are bent and the exhalation is through the mouth. Repeat three times and then rest your hands on the 3rd chakra and with your mind bring all the energy, warmth and power to the nourishment of this chakra. Visualize the yellow color radiating.

  • Walking exercise: centering, walk normally, walk as if you are under stress, walk as if you don't know what to do, as if you have no purpose, walk as if you know what to do and where to go.

  • The dance of the third chakra: hands on the solar plexus, the sun is inside you and begin to make it move, your arms are along at your sides and as they move they radiate the color yellow.

  • Make the shape or pattern of the sun around you and feel that you are that sun.

  • Cut wood with the sound ah!

  • Partner work: the sense of control.

  • Sculpture: let the partner shape us as he wants. We stay in the position to feel it and finally choose the position we want to return to feeling our will.

  • The laughter exercise: you are a warrior and you are about to enter into a traumatic situation. You put on your armor. Choose three things as your armor. Go into the past and use that armor. Listen to how you feel and now try to relive it in reverse as if it were a cartoon running backwards. It's all fast. Look at an aspect of yourself that you don't like and look at it from above as if it were really funny and start laughing a lot so that you can transform it.

  • Focus. We write down what we would like to change, digest it and throw it into the fire. Everyone in a circle with hands together.

  • Twist on the ground with Ram mantra.

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200€ di acconto

da saldare entro la fine del corso

Fourth Chakra

  • Pranayama - anuloma viloma, forced breath, angel beat, katichakra, savasana: thank each part.

  • Assisted Pranayama, in the child's posture

  • Assisted massage

  • The mirror: empathy and compassion on both sides: for both the one who is the mirror and the other

  • Partner: the expanding point. Touch a point and make it expand 

  • Forgiveness game. Everyone in the forgiveness circle with hands together and back facing the center of the circle. We release our hands and walk outside to a person to be forgiven. Then we re-enter the circle.

  • Make a list of the people you have loved: what is the general thing that binds them? What motivates you to love someone? 

  • Forgiveness exercise: recharge your hands first while sitting, imagine you are giving light and love toward a person you wish to forgive.

  • Imagine there is a person you want to forgive: write down what qualities they have to appreciate.

  • Breathing through the circle.

  • Heart touch, tell your partner what you love most, keep changing partners.

  • Twisting position on the ground repeating yam visualizing the color green running down the arms.

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200€ di acconto

da saldare entro la fine del corso

Fifth Chakra

  • Reflective listening.

  • "Sa Re Ga Ma" and "Radhe Bomb."

  • Inner dialogue to explore forgiveness.

  • Listening and dialogue. The person has 5 minutes to talk about something that is written in a note. It can be a creative thought and come up with whatever you want.

  • The play scene: themes are assigned and you have to invent a play scene.

  • The letter: write about times when you failed to communicate something when you wanted to. Imagine communicating it...write now, what you would have liked to say.

  • Dialogue with the inner child: left and right hand.

  • How do you feel? Why do you feel this way? I like you...what can I do to make you feel better?

  • Group: one person tells the group what he or she would like to hear, and they all sing those words together accompanied by music.

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200€ di acconto

da saldare entro la fine del corso

Sixth Chakra

  • Tell a dream you had to your partner, and the partner tries to interpret it. You can ask questions.

  • Imagine a situation you want in detail and explain it to the group. Law of Attraction.

  • The list of the ideal man and woman.

  • Ask questions and answer with a scale of 1 to 10 or yes or no.

  • The picture: standing in front of the person blink to look and visualize the person, look for feelings and qualities.

  • Give a meaning to one of the words: forest, water, dream, word, tiger, heart, earth.

  • With your eyes open, look at the person in front of you and notice everything you see. Repeat, but with your eyes closed, taking your hands. You must say out loud what comes to your mind and what you visualize.

  • Temple visualization.

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200€ di acconto

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Seventh Chakra

  • Program in temple at 5 a.m. with plant ceremony, meditation with walk in the woods with Japa.

  • Asana practice with preparation for Sirsasana.

  • Seventh Chakra theory.

  • Rebalancing and strengthening of all Chakras with Bija Mantra and visualization.

  • Visualization by entering the seventh Chakra.

  • Exercise to see Divine Grace and the miracle in our lives. Written and shared.

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Chakra Yoga Teacher Training 

22nd Dec 2023 - 2nd Jan 2014

Teacher training will be held  in a sacred place in India: Govardhan Eco Village in Mumbai.  


This is one of the most beautiful spiritual community related to the Bhakti tradition in the whole world. 

The place vibrates with intense power and sacredness and thus which place could be best to learn the science of yoga?

At Govardhan Ecovillage you lose yourself into the labyrinths of your innermost self using the time honoured snaps of Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation.


12 day Teacher Training:

450€ / 40.000 INR

Single occupancy

349 euro/ 35000 rupees 

for twin occupancy


  • Yoga alliance international certificate 

  • 7 day retreat + 5 days specialised training 

  • A powerful activation of Chakra healing that works in few seconds

  • Manual

  • Recognized certificate with YACEP, continues education training from Yoga Alliance.

Does not include:

  • Full pension a person a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner):
    10€ 880 rupees 

  • Flight tickets

  • Extra expenses, shopping etc.

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