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ven 22 dic



Chakra Yoga Retreat in India

7 days of transformation This retreat aims to give various theoretical and practical tools to know ourselves better and overcome our limitations.

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Chakra Yoga Retreat in India
Chakra Yoga Retreat in India

Orario & Sede

22 dic 2023, 08:00 – 28 dic 2023, 18:30

Mumbai, Govardhan Ecovillage, H.No. 586, Galtare, Taluka, P.O. Hamrapur, Wada, Galtare, Maharashtra 421303, India

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7 days of transformation

A Certificate of Participation will be given at the end of the retreat.

Chakras are energy centres that can increase everyone's potential when in harmony with nature. They affect body, mind, emotions and consequently every aspect of our lives: family, health, relationships, work, etc.

This retreat aims to give various theoretical and practical tools to know ourselves better and overcome our limitations.

What we will do:

  • Scan the Chakras to know the energetic situation.
  • Understand chakras: how they affect your body, your emotions and your everyday life.
  • Work with various practical tools to resolve these imbalances.
  • Learn methods to keep ourself in balance even when the retreat is over.
  • Meet with other people dedicated to the path of transformation.
  • Embark on a path of self realisation.
  • Learn to use aromatherapy for more effective results.
  • Practice yoga poses, meditations, breathing techniques according to chakras.
  • Develop creativity and introspection through transformational experiences.
  • Learn to share and grow together.


Everyday we will explore one chakra through: chakra yoga practice, theory, transformational exercises and sharing. By the end of the day your energetic system will be balanced and empowered.

Chakra yoga asana practice

The style of chakra yoga has components of vinyasa, kundalini and hatha yoga. They combine together into a unique style in which the poses are related with the specific energy center. Themes related to chakras will be explored in every class. The colours, sound vibrations and pranic exercises distinguish the practice for deeper experience and benefits.

Theory We will explore the theory in a practical way, relevant to our life. We will understand:

  • what are the chakras,
  • what happen to our personality if they are not aligned,
  • what causes such imbalances,
  • what happens to the physical body
  • interactions with outer world and relationships,
  • how to find and maintain balance

Transformational exercices

Are used to remove blockages and stagnant energies that are held since the past. These are powerful practices that will help you heal and find your peace and the power within. For every chakra there will be different types of these exercises that you will enjoy exploring.

These are meant to:

  • attract abundance
  • improve sense of stability and quality of your health
  • understand and control the emotions
  • find sacred sexuality
  • manage stress, anger and sense of control
  • improve your self esteem
  • find inner peace, love and happiness
  • improve your relationships
  • find your inner voice and the courage to express yourself
  • control the mind
  • have a positive attitude and change perspective
  • increase awareness, positivity and wisdom
  • find guidance through surrender


This is one of the most important part of the retreat. You will:

  • grow by listening to others experiences
  • learn to express yourself
  • overcome your fears with the support of the group
  • have a safe space to be heard
  • connect with the individuals at a deeper level


The main teachers of the retreat are Srimati and Jahnava Sundari.

They are both 500 h Yoga Alliance certified, working together as teachers, healers, wellness consultants in Italy and now also around the world. They specialise in balancing chakras, understanding and releasing karmic knots of genealogy and past lives through group meetings and individual sessions. They help people to understand their weaknesses and lead them to empowerment. They are developing a mystical approach into the practice of yoga and spirituality with the Cintamani yoga school, the path of transformation.

Jahnava Sundari d.d.

Jahnava is the founder of Cintamani yoga school in Italy, Tuscany. She has been leading yoga teacher trainings, retreats and pilgrimages since 2016. She is qualified in Ayurveda, Yoga therapy, Yoga coaching. She has been organising seminars, workshops and conferences since 2006 in various parts of the world.


Srimati has a long time experience in understanding the anatomy of the physical body which led her to a deeper understanding of the subtle anatomy and the nature of the world. She is qualified in Arogya yoga, Chakra yoga and Hypopressive method.


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    First Chakra

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    Second Chakra

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