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Vinyasa Yoga
Teacher Training
250 hours

Cintamani Yoga is a school recognized by the Yoga Alliance and Csen. We offer certificates recognized on a national and international level for Yoga instructors.

Just like a touchstone, Cintamani transforms anything it touches into gold; this school is oriented towards developing the individual's potential, transforming the heart in its precious essence.


The main style proposed is Vinyasa Yoga, a fluid and dynamic style, but also very meditative and profound. The themes flow within the positions, capturing the symbols and meanings, therefore acting on the body, the mind and the emotions of the practitioner.


Cintamani is a school which aims to adhere to the seriousness of the yoga tradition. The instructors aim to follow the principles of this practice, in such a way as to provide exemplary teaching. The course is organized for students who wish to:

• Become highly-qualified yoga instructors.

• Set up their own yoga school or their own holistic activity.

• Experience total immersion from ancient yoga up to modern yoga.

• Improve their own knowledge in the physical, mental and spiritual domains.


€ 1.450 
€ 1250 

early bird price

until DEC 31th

full price

Includes the certificate, airport pickup from Mumbai to Govardhan EcoVillage.

Early bird subscription price:

1250 euro for those who subscribe within 12 feb. 

Another promotion:

every firend that you bring you will get 100 euros discount.

Intensive teacher training 

4th - 31th March 2024

Almost one month intensive yoga teacher training course in a sacred place in India: Govardhan Eco Village in Mumbai.  


This is one of the most beautiful spiritual community related to the Bhakti tradition in the whole world. 

The place vibrates with intense power and sacredness and thus which place could be best to learn the science of yoga?

At Govardhan Ecovillage you lose yourself into the labyrinths of your innermost self using the time honoured snaps of Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation.

Standard program

7.00 - 8.15 Asana Yoga Practice

8.30 Breakfast

10.00 - 12.45 Theory Lessons

13.00 Lunch

14.30 - 17.30 Practical and Theory Lessons

17.30 - 18.45 Transformation Experiences

19.45   Dinner



Possible excursions and activities apart from the programme.



Sunday is a day off.

Warrior One

Each morning we will practice yoga for 1 hour and 15 minutes to learn more about the dynamics of the āsanas and how the themes are brought in. 


The āsanas will be explored in detail according to benefits, contraindications and subtle anatomy (Chakras).

Yoga a casa

Meditation and Mantra chanting

Meditation is a practice gaining more and more recognition for the innumerable beneficial effects it has on our system, and therefore we will learn various techniques to help ourselves and our students to enter a state of consciousness in which a deep internal transformation takes place.


We will practice: kirtan (devotional chants with musical instruments), meditations and visualisations concentrating on the chakra and on awareness.


Experiences of transformation: therapeutic circle, internal dialogue, therapeutic touch, supported asana and other effective techniques to find energetic balance and empowerment


Mantras will be practiced in order to learn to use them within the yoga classes for gaining more effectiveness. 


The mantras proposed are mainly from the Bhakti and healing traditions.


Anatomy of Yoga

We will learn the basics of human anatomy, and how to apply one's knowledge to the requirements of each individual, and to improve our vocabulary and physical knowledge.


It is important to know our bodies and bodily anatomy in order to better help our future students to practice without causing any physical damage to ourselves.


Asana techniques

We will learn techniques to assist students during asana, and methods to improve our communication during teaching sessions.


Effective techniques will be taught, which will immediately be put into practice with our own classmates, in order to learn best how to guide the student into the correct position.


There will be the opportunity to teach in front of other students and to give and receive feedback, in order to improve our own teaching.

Additionally, relaxation techniques, which the students love to receive, will be taught.

Warrior One


Pranayama is the science of respiration. Learning to breathe means reinforcing physical and mental health and therefore improving the quality of life.


We will learn to practice and teach:

Abdominal respiration, complete yogic respiration (respiration in three parts), Sitali (respiration for cooling the body down), Brahmree (respiration like the buzzing of a bee, effective for deep relaxation), Anuloma Viloma (respiration with alternating nostrils in order to re-establish the balance of the right and left hemispheres of the brain).


Philosophy and Ethics of Yoga

From Veda to Upanishad, we will explore the ancient philosophy of yoga in order to understand the roots of this practice so effective in our modern times. We will make a jump in time to rediscover a wisdom which will help us to broaden our minds and give space to a new vision of reality.


We will study the history of modern yoga, entering deeply into the study of the Bhagavad Gita, and we will explore the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, analysing the part on Ashtanga Yoga.


Ethics for the instructor will be fundamental, in order to provide this teaching while maintaining its purity.

 We will explore the ethics through the wisdom of The great sage Patanjali and the asthanga yoga system.


Subtle Anatomy

Particular attention will be devoted to subtle anatomy (chakras) to empower the individual in his or her teaching. By the end of the course, all students will know their imbalances and will have the opportunity to find balance again in all chakras, by means of innumerable exercises which will be proposed during training.


The chakras will be explored in detail in order to best understand the various techniques to be used to recover balance in oneself and in others.


The following will be taught: asana, mantras, visualisations and other techniques to re-establish the individual's own energetic balance.


There will be psycho-drama performances on chakras and on the three gunas.



These are processes of purification to maintain the body and the mind in good health according to yogic and natural methods.


We will learn techniques to combat common illnesses such as coughs, colds, constipation, eye problems, etc. through useful and effective techniques which can be practised easily at home without any kind of additional expense.


We will learn the theory of the practices of: Jala Neti (cleansing of the nose and throat), Kapalabati (fire breathing), Vamana (cleansing of the lungs and respiratory passages), and Virechana (cleansing of the intestines).

Prodotti freschi

Basic concepts of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient science of well-being which teaches us to recognize our physical and mental constitutions, in order to understand how to live best according to our nature.


We will learn to integrate Ayurveda into our everyday lives in order to live a balanced and wholesome life. We will explore the concepts of:

  • Prakriti (our nature);

  • Dosha (vata, pitta, Kapha, constitution according to natural elements);

  • Guna (the three material influences) and chakras in accordance with the doshas.


This anscient knowledge will help you deepen your practice and experience as a yoga teacher.

Tazza per bevande e un computer portatile

Yoga marketing and business 

To expand this therapeutic practice of love to an ever greater number of people, it is necessary to know effective techniques valid for this precise moment in history.


Yoga Business and Marketing will be taught, in order to learn how to turn this activity into your profession, and how to promote and organise yoga private and group lessons, workshops, retreats and seminars.

Learn to use social media and other marketing techniques which will be easy and useful.

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